Monthly Archives: November 2008

Coin Laundry update – add a dash of infrared 0

Originally we were going to be switching channels of music on and off using manual switches under custom made footpads – fiddly!! After a workshop (An Introduction to Arduino) we have decided to change the switches to infrared sensors. When the infrared beam is broken this will send a signal to switch the music on [...]

Crisis talks… ideas! 2

Our group went for crisis talks yesterday in order to finalise and specify one of the many ambling and unfocused ideas we have had over the last month or so. Our problem it seems is that we have a lot of man-power (our group consists of 5) which means a lot of ideas and not [...]

McGurk Effect 1

After a conversation about one of our speakers (sounds artist – Joe Banks), I was told about an interesting phenomenen called the McGurk effect. This suggests that speech perception is multimodal, i.e. our brain interprets the sounds from both visual and audio stimulus. Watch and listen to the following video once and then a second [...]

Coin Laundry Ecology 1

The first practical methods project I am undertaking on MA Interactive Media involves observing and recording the Media Ecology of a coin laundry / launderette with the aim of intervening or interfering with this ecology using art methodologies and / or a data jam. A data jam is an event composed of people passing, digesting [...]