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Wabbitware 1

Below is the introductory text for my major project. It is a critical software project called Wabbitware and will be part of the We are All Transistors graduate Exposition at Goldsmiths. Wabbitware is derived from the term ‘wabbit’ which is used in hacker jargon to describe a certain class of software which self-replicates or which [...]

We are All Transistors 0

The website for the final show for my Masters is now live.  The show is called We are All Transistors. The site will be populated with information about the specific projects for each of the participants within days but for the moment there is general information about the show and the course. Please take a [...]

Patent Absurdity: How software patents broke the system 0

I have come across the short film, Patent Absurdity, whilst researching my Major project. It is an insight into how the patent system in America has changed to encompass the legislation of what are essentially abstract natural concepts: algorithms in software. In the late 1990′s the total number of software patents increased to one quarter [...]

Critical software project 5

This image has modified and released under the GNU General Public License. Original credit to Peter Garwinski. [link] I am in the development stages of a new project which will be my Major for a Masters in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice at Goldsmiths. I have decided to create a software art piece for [...]