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Natural Fuse 0

Natural Fuse is a ‘micro-scale carbon dioxide protection framework’ created by Usman Haque. The project is an experiment in participatory networks, which attempts to address the reasons why people seem to have difficulty in making coherent and progressive decisions when it comes to global issues such as climate change. Each Natural Fuse unit consists of a [...]

Auto-illustrator by Adrian Ward 0

Signwave Auto-illustrator is a piece of software and an artwork in its own right written by Arian Ward, which parodies the well established vector graphics application by Adobe. Auto-illustrator is a fully functioning vector graphics application that on the surface (GUI) appears to be no different from the proprietary or FLOSS alternatives such as Illustrator [...]

LDF Digital Design Weekend 1

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Wabbitware released 0

As I’ve mentioned previously my Major Project for a Masters in Interactive Media is a critical software piece called Wabbitware. Today I reached the point where I am ready to release it to the wild. There is now a website dedicated to the project distribution and also aggregation of modified versions of the software. Below [...]

Wabbitware 1

Below is the introductory text for my major project. It is a critical software project called Wabbitware and will be part of the We are All Transistors graduate Exposition at Goldsmiths. Wabbitware is derived from the term ‘wabbit’ which is used in hacker jargon to describe a certain class of software which self-replicates or which [...]