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Quinn Norton – Privacy, Ephemerality, and Self 0

An interesting talk about how we allow the Internet to invade our sense of self. Some enlightening statements made here about the effects of persistent, ubiquitous engagement in social networks. Specifically the fact that your personal life becomes a consistent performance and it is during the time out of this limelight that we develop our [...]

Funware exhibition :: Auto-Illustrator documentation 0

Above is the finished, edited demonstration video produced for the Funware exhibition in MU Eindhoven. Due to the fact that this was a screen recording and I did not adjust my resolution whilst recording it I ended up having to use some funny codecs which exported at 1280×800 and at decent quality. Rendering took approximately [...]

Scintillating 2

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo. This combination of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques is the most stunning piece of video I have seen in quite a while. The film is entirely constructed from 35000 still images which enables the supremely detailed and high quality shifts in depth of focus. I personally have [...]

Video from the Coin Laundry Orchestra 2

Coin Laundry Orchestra from Gareth Foote on Vimeo. I have plenty to say about my experience at the Coin Laundry on Sunday. Overall it went well and was a great experience however there is plenty of room for constructive self criticism. I will not be getting into the details of this reflection in this post [...]