Coin Laundry Orchestra

Sunday 7th December 2008 (between 3pm and 7pm)

98 Hoxton Street

The Coin Laundry Orchestra was an event that I was part of alongside Brittany Lagambina, Marco Catani, Nikos Papagiannopoulos and Maria Varela. Our brief was to make an in-depth analysis of the media ecology of a coin laundry/dry cleaners and then to stage an intervention into this ecology.

The event came and went but the documentation is available in the following blog posts:

Preparation for the data jam
Coin Laundry Ecology
Crisis Talks – New ideas
Coin Laundry update – add a dash of infrared
Coin laundry as database
…3 days to go

The data jam
Todays the day

After the data jam
Video from the Coin Laundry Orchestra
More video from the event