Crisis talks… ideas!

Coin Laundry - Old Street, London
Our group went for crisis talks yesterday in order to finalise and specify one of the many ambling and unfocused ideas we have had over the last month or so.

Our problem it seems is that we have a lot of man-power (our group consists of 5) which means a lot of ideas and not a lot of focus. It also means that we should be pushing forward with an extra large project to match our group size. After some uncontrollable sobbing we decided to scrap everything we have done previously and start doing something which excited us all. We wanted to give people the opportunity to see or hear a direct response from the changing media ecology of the coin laundry. Therefore our idea is as follows:

+ We interview customers to get some subjective opinions on the area and the CL itself.
+ We record some environmental sounds/noises from the CL. eg Washers / dryers / coin machines
+ We generate 4 individual sound tracks which when played together create a melody.
+ One track is made from granular synthesis and one track is the interviews recorded previously.
+ Make 4 switches which will be placed around the CL which will turn on/off the four layers of sound.
- The switches will be basic electronic devices positioned under custom made footpads which will allow customers to stand on the footpad to turn channels of music on and off.
- The switches will be attached to an arduino board (a simple circuit board for bridging physical inputs and outputs and software running on computers) and from their into ableton live which will turn the music channels on or off.
+ A webcam will also be in the corner of the room which is using motion detection in Max MSP to detect levels of movement. This movement is creating a MIDI output which feeds into the music being played adjusting pitch/tone/tempo.

This all will allow people in the coin laundry to make music from and in their surroundings.

Hope it works!!


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