Fach & Asendorf Gallery

Fach & Asendorf Gallery

A new online exhibition space was launched yesterday by architect and artist Ole Fach and the media artist Kim Asendorf. The gallery space will be used for major online exhibitions for net.art and media art.

For the launch they are exhibiting an extremely talented contemporary net artist, Andrey Yazev who has been written about here before. Andrey is also responsible for designing the gallery site and its unconventional navigation.

The other current exhibitor is a Emilio Gomariz who is exploring the glitch aesthetic with some vibrant videos and images. The video manipulation of a Dragon Ball animation is particularly stunning.

Judging by both these talented artists I’m looking forward to future exhibitions at http://fa-g.org. From their press release:

Online exhibitions will become an important part of the art scene in the next years, and for the Fach & Asendorf Gallery it will be the basement and future of their action.

The main focus is on screen or display related art, but you could also see fresh documentations about installations, paintings, performance or sculptures.

But that is just the beginning, they are going to organize in house exhibitions in other galleries, museums and art spaces around the world. And, in (at) the end, they will become a real life gallery.

The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is there and it is where you actually are. It is so huge that nobody ever could print it. It is so deep that no one ever would dive to its end. There is peace and war in it, love and hate and all between. Once you have traveled trough it, you will never forget, and you will come back, asap, lol.

The Internet is a digital reflection of our real life world, but with much more freedom, with the option to be who ever you want, and this is really important, with an off-switch. It is a massive playground, a television with infinite channels and the greatest exhibition space.
In short, we love it.

And we, the Fach & Asendorf Gallery claims to be an important and interesting part of it.

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