LDF Digital Design Weekend

A couple of friends have been exhibiting a project, Deep Media Research, at the Unleashed Devices exhibition all the way over in Kew, West London and have also had the opportunity to be part of the London Design Festival’s Digital Design Weekend at the Victoria and Albert. The artists, Vincent and Olga, are using the bodies natural conductivity and varying resistance to electric current to explore infra-verbal communication. Using a toolkit of simple electronic circuits and well constructed interfaces to the skin/fingers Deep Media Research reads the irrepressible, and usually unobservable, non-visual communication between people, such as electromagnetic fields and chemicals secreted from the body. Perhaps a more empirical, less paranormal exploration of our Aura.

It was clear from speaking to Vincent that the two spaces for presenting their work where starkly different. The Waterman’s gallery in Kew being a more traditional setting for an art installation opposed to the V&A’s Sackler Centre which was more of an active, processual workshop space. The latter was perhaps more suited to their work, which by its nature requires participation rather than observation. Much like a lot of the other work there, which enabled a great deal of audience engagement.

Out of the other work that was there today here is a small selection that may be worth looking up:

Dead Insects consists of four former mobile phones which have been hacked to resemble, behave and sing/ring like birds. You can call each of them on their own number and that bird may then attempt to call one of its friends sitting on the branches with it. That bird will then in turn possibly make another call to another of its non-feathered friends.

An interesting side note was that the four birds were on different phones networks and the one which was on Virgin was the least communicative with the other birds.

sketchPatch is a platform for browsing, sharing and creating your own patches in the Processing programming environment. Once you create your own patch you can then publish this to sketchPatch through the browser to enable further creative appropriation!

Finally I chatted to Tom Schofield who was presenting a piece that involved visualising occurences or mentions of set of key themes or areas of human rights (defined the Office For the High Commission of Human Rights at the United Nations) amongst over 200 historical and contemporary constitutional documents, revolutionary manifestos, bills of rights, peace treaties, etc. He was interested in exploring the sticky philosophical subject of a possible universal, fundamental set of human rights.

All in all an interesting and inspiring afternoon at the V&A. Topped off with some out and out fun involving coloured LED’s, in a dark room with a camera set to a very long exposure ->[1] [2] [3]

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  1. By Escape [Mobile Phone Birds pics and video] on September 29, 2010 at 9:39 am

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