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We are All Transistors 0

The website for the final show for my Masters is now live.  The show is called We are All Transistors. The site will be populated with information about the specific projects for each of the participants within days but for the moment there is general information about the show and the course. Please take a [...]

Exquisite_Code 0

Exquisite Code questions notions of collaborative writing in an experimental live-coding/live-writing process. Eight writers, artists and coders plus a piece of edit-software work for 8 hours a day for 5 days throughout this week inside a windowless gallery space in order to create a life-novel. The software or ‘despotic edit-code’ will throughout the process algorithmically [...]

Today’s the day 1

After reflection I feel I need to apologise for the pretentious name of our event. It was a snap decision and I resent the fact that I have forced this upon my group. Sorry guys. G