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Critical software project 5

This image has modified and released under the GNU General Public License. Original credit to Peter Garwinski. [link] I am in the development stages of a new project which will be my Major for a Masters in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice at Goldsmiths. I have decided to create a software art piece for [...]

Urban mobility 2

Sunday @ 1pm Outside Liverpool Street Station (Bishopsgate exit – top of the escalators) I am aware that any of my generous friends who are taking part in this little jaunt are unaware of the reasoning behind it. During this realisation I have become aware that I am wrestling with the very same problem. In [...]

More video from the event 0

Some wonderful editing from Nico and some great voxpopping from (supposedly shy in front of the public) Brittany. G

Video from the Coin Laundry Orchestra 2

Coin Laundry Orchestra from Gareth Foote on Vimeo. I have plenty to say about my experience at the Coin Laundry on Sunday. Overall it went well and was a great experience however there is plenty of room for constructive self criticism. I will not be getting into the details of this reflection in this post [...]

Today’s the day 1

After reflection I feel I need to apologise for the pretentious name of our event. It was a snap decision and I resent the fact that I have forced this upon my group. Sorry guys. G