Three Hundred Eighty Ten

383 from Yazev on Vimeo.

If Internet Art is about anything, it is not about simply using the Internet as a platform for ‘broadcasting’ creative digital work (or any type at all for that matter). This has been done in abundance. Net Art pioneers Jodi ( are a fantastic example of using the Internet as the material to create with. Not as a tool or means to an end but as a means of expression, an end in itself.

Within his project Three Hundred Eighty Ten, Andrey Yazev has also mastered the art of manipulating the material of the Internet to create some very interesting work. Using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript (no frameworks, libraries or graphics(!)) he creates intriguing visual experiences. He appropriates the browser elements such as scrollbars, dropdowns, checkboxes and divs, making them dynamic using JavaScript.

The other reason that I find this an interesting project is that it embodies a principle, which should be part of any Internet Art: openness. The Internet was created as an open, egalitarian platform and despite not necessarily fulfilling all the utopian emancipatory dreams, it should remains as open as possible, therefore the source code of art of the Internet, as often as possible, should not be hidden behind proprietary runtimes and software.

NB – Andrey’s code is also seriously elegant which gives him web developer cudos!
NBB – Personal favourite work in this projects is Typeface –

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